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Top Logo Design Trends for 2019

It’s a no brainer that logo design trends 2019 are following the graphic design trends 2019. But while some trends come and go from a year to another, businesses don’t really change their logos quite as often. The graphic design trends that stay for a few years are the ones that influence the logo design trends.

Logo design trends 2019 are:

  1. bright colors,

  2. multi-color gradients,

  3. metallic logos,

  4. geometric shapes,

  5. minimalist illustrations,

  6. minimalist typography,

  7. creative logotypes,

  8. illustration substitutes for a letter,

  9. artistic logos and illustrations

Some brands won’t change their logo for a decade or even more. We believe that updating your logo once a few years is essential in order to stay trendy. And we are not talking about big rebrand-like drastic changes but small alterations that will make your logo (and your brand) feel modern. Now, logos fall into two categories: logomarks and logotypes. No matter if your brand has both or just the one, your logo must still be meaningful and trendy in terms of colors and shapes. Need a logo upgrade? Let's do it!

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