60 Free Retro and Vintage Fonts

High-quality free fonts are hard to find – especially when it comes to retro and vintage fonts. But high quality free font downloads do exist (like the brilliant Optician Sans inspired by historical eye charts created by ANTI Hamar seen above); it just takes time to find them. To help, this site has created an epic collection of 60 free retro and vintage fonts for you to bookmark, and browse through, whenever you next need the perfect typeface for a new project.

Be Grateful For Today

Very teary morning...We become so emotionally attached to celebrities and people we have never even met...Kobe, Whitney, Prince...I still have tearful moments listening to his music. Embrace those that are actually in your every day life and love MORE. Start focusing on what you have right here right now. Be grateful for today, tomorrow not promised. #loveTHISlife #loveMORE #thankful #loved

Meet Melissa Scott Jackson of Cranberry Blue Websites + Logos in Fayetteville

Honored to be featured on this amazing platform! Thank you Voyage ATL! Today we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Scott Jackson. Melissa, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. From an early age, I’ve always had a love for art. Teachers would always ask me to produce any posters or artwork they needed. While employed in the traditional corporate world, I began to receive design requests from friends, mostly from those starting their own businesses. READ MORE

Meet Melissa Scott Jackson of Cranberry Blue Websites + Logos in Fayetteville

Very excited to be interviewed by VoyageATL. I love what I do and enjoy creating stunning pieces for clients. As they say, "If you love what you do, you'll never have to work a day in your life." There is such truth in that and I'm living proof! @cranberryblue http://voyageatl.com/interview/meet-melissa-scott-jackson-cranberry-blue-websites-logos/

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