Choosing a Logo for Your Business

When you are in the process of choosing a logo design you tend to migrate towards what you like rather than taking into account all the elements of and processes of choosing a great logo. Most people choose a logo first and then incorporate their branding when you should actually think about and plan your branding first. Colors, Fonts, Business Name, these are all important elements to consider and establish before you decide on a logo. Start with your Brand board first. Establish color, inspiration and company values. What do you want your business to be known for? Then use those elements to create a logo whether it’s a typography (writing only) logo or it includes a graphic, it needs to b

Design Tools - Sans-Serif Fonts

Typography is a key component of branding and its important to choose clear, legible fonts that suit your brand and business. If you are designing your own brand or if you are a designer who creates branding for other blogs and businesses, here are 10 fonts that you cannot go wrong with. EVER! Get your fonts here.

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