Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. So what exactly is a brand? A brand represents the sum of people's perception of a company's customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. Upgrade your branding. Clean and polished design is sure to get you noticed. Business card, logo and website design by Cranberry Blue. Get in touch! #cranberryblue #graphicdesigner #logodesign

It's time to upgrade that logo! What are you waiting for?

For entrepreneurs, it’s common to overlook the importance of one’s logo, especially given the frenetic pace of getting the business up and running. A logo is often the first thing potential customers see when introduced to a company and as such, it plays a large part in a one’s first impression of your business. Maintaining a current, up-to-date logo is so important. If your business already has a logo, it is important to regularly ask one question: “Does my current logo present the image that I need it to?” If your logo no longer makes you answer an enthusiastic “Yes!” to this question, it’s time for a fresh, new look. If you do not know whether or not your logo could use a redesign, her

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