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When is it Time to Change your Company Logo Design?

Logos are of the most important defining feature of a company.

An aesthetically pleasing and memorable logo can have a lasting and significant positive impact on a company.

Just think about some of the most famous car logos in our world today!

Brands like Ferrari, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, are just some of the well-known car companies that can be recognized globally with just their logo.

However, their logos have not always been the same as the one they use today.

Let’s take Mercedes-Benz for example.

Their logo has evolved substantially, with drastic changes in the design.

Mercedes-Benz altered between using words in their logo and eradicating text.

This is a common phenomenon seen in the history of many company logos.

On the other hand, brands like BMW have generally kept changes to their logo to a minimal, often opting only for minor alterations such as color schemes or font changes.

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