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Why You Need an Awesome Logo

We’ve all heard the advice: invest in your logo. And while it may seem obvious to some why it’s important to invest in a well-designed logo, many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t really understand why logos are so important.

In fact, some business owners worry that the cost of logo design can be prohibitively high. It’s true that many design companies and agencies charge thousands to tens of thousands of dollars for their services. But this isn’t universally true (Cranberry Blue's custom logo design projects start at just $299, including all fees).

In the simplest of terms, a logo is a design, icon, or mark that identifies your company.

Your brand identity is more than just your company’s name and logo, but a logo is an important part of a company’s identity. It’s the visual cornerstone of the brand.

One of the best parts of a logo, is that it can only be associated with your business. It doesn’t matter if a different company is similar to yours, what matters is that your logos are different. As a result, you have an opportunity to make a unique first impression. Often, a logo is one of the first defense barriers against competition. Besides your company’s name, it’s the first difference customers and prospects will notice.

Color is important in imagery, symbolism, and typography, and is often the detail that customers will remember the best. Studies show that color increases logo recognition up to 80%, and logos can include as many or as few different colors as a company wants.

Logos can be cute, stylish, graphic, or shocking. The best logos combine different elements in a way that makes sense for that specific company. Logos connect what you do and who you are with how people can best remember you. And though they can’t solely speak for your company, they are often the first thing that will make people listen. Invest in your brand today to be more successful tomorrow.

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