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If you want to build and maintain a strong brand, you'll need to focus on what your customers want and how you can guarantee to deliver it. You'll need to be consistent in your service and every other point of contact customers have with you - for example phone calls, letters, emails, etc.

Once you've defined your brand values and your customers' needs you can start to build your brand by consistently communicating your brand values.

Remember that every possible contact you have with a customer or potential customer needs to reinforce your brand values.

Key areas to consider are:

  • your business name

  • the names of your products or services

  • any slogan you use

  • your logo

  • the style and quality of your stationery

  • product pricing and packaging

  • your premises

  • where and how you advertise

  • how you and your employees dress

  • how you and your employees behave

  • your company website

If all these are consistently in line with your brand values, your brand will be strengthened. But if all of them aren't in line, your brand - and your business - could be seriously damaged. A brand makes promises to customers and if they aren't fulfilled, your customers will be far less likely to buy again.

For example, Delightful Jewelry's "Elegant" range may be beautifu