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5 typography trends for 2018

From custom type to color fonts, leading designers forecast the biggest type trends of 2018.

Typography trends – like graphic design trends, or color trends – rarely appear out of nowhere. Instead, they evolve and grow as they move from the niche towards the mainstream. That's why, to forecast the big typography trends of 2018, we're first taking a look back at the biggest type movements of 2017.

Elsewhere on the site, you’ll find articles covering the key typography rules and terms every designer should know, as well as typography tutorials to help you improve your type design skills, and our definitive collection of the best free fonts out there.

Here, however, we're looking to the year ahead. We asked some of the top names in type to share their thoughts on the biggest typography trends of 2017 – as well as their predictions for what will be hot in 2018. Here's what they said...

01. 1970s - style serif fonts

Chobani's new look brings warmth to fonts

"One typographic trend that I predict will be popular in 2018 is the use of warm, 1970s-evoking serif typefaces," says Jeremiah Shoaf, a freelance designer and founder of Typewolf. "I think this is a reaction against the cold, sterile neo-grotesques like Helvetica that seem to be dominating the design landscape."

Shoaf comments on the recent Chobani rebrand as a prime example. "Its new bespoke typeface has a retro charm that brings to mind ITC Clearface and Bookman, two typefaces that will forever be associated with the good vibes of the 70s," he adds.

02. Retro reactions to geometric type

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