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New Year, New Branding

The New Year brings new hope, optimism, and new business!

Branding has a lot to do with the success or failure of a business. Rebranding is also as important. Here is a little checklist of when you need to start the process of branding and/or revitalizing your existing brand.

When do I start the process of branding?

  • Starting a new business

  • Need business cards and website

  • You have developed or are developing a new product and it needs a name, a logo and a tagline

When do I need to revitalize my brand?

  • You need to communicate more clearly about who you are. Your logo is not simple enough to work well on all mobile devices.

  • No one knows who you are or what you do

  • Your website is not optimized for mobile devices

  • You need to appeal to a new and more affluent market

  • Or simply put, your logo is old and needs a serious upgrade :)

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