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20 Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know

Typography is one of the most important and gratifying components of graphic design. Regardless of how experienced a designer you've become, it’s always helpful to recharge your mind about the principles of typography. Try to learn specific things like the origin of a particular font or the structure of a typeface since stuff like this can enrich the meaning of your design. It’s quite impressive, especially to your potential clients, when you actually know your craft. Also, as a designer, it's your responsibility to know the ins and outs of typography. And once you know the rules, it's easier for you to break them!

As with any skill or trade, you need to learn specific rules and guidelines before you can fully develop and expand your skill set. Here are 20 of what experts consider to be the most crucial principles of the art of typography.

1. Learn the basics.

The first step to more effective typography is to study the nitty-gritty of the art. If you’re new to its principles, you may think typography is just a straightforward practice. The truth is, it’s pretty complex because it’s a combination of art and science.

The composition of a typeface consists of specific vocabulary, accurate measurements, and central specifications that should always be identified and taken into consideration. Like with different design forms, you can pull off breaking a rule only if you know it by heart. And it’s only acceptable if you carry it out on purpose to create something of significance.

To get a better grip on the basics of typography, spend time studying and learning the art.

2. Take note of font communication.

Typeface selection is hardly a random process. Merely searching through your font catalog to choose a font you personally like rarely create an efficient end result. This is because there's a psychology linked to certain typefaces.

When designing, you need to make sure your type is connecting to your audience. This is more than just making certain that your copy is impeccably written. It’s also about ensuring that the font you use fits your market.

You wouldn’t use elaborate and rainbow-colored fonts for a law firm brochure, right? That would be better suited for a birthday invitation. Read more...

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